Otterbein’s Wellness Services provide the simple, but important, incidental assistance that can help you remain at home and as self-sufficient as possible. In the short term, they provide help and reassurance. In the long term, they’re a money saver.

If you’re an independent resident in one of our lifestyle communities, or if you stay in your own home nearby, these services are yours to take advantage of. Rest assured that all the individuals providing services are our very own trusted Otterbein partners.

The charges for these services remain reasonable because we want to make them accessible. For example, skilled nurse services can be requested by the hour, or by 15-minute intervals. Why pay for more than you need?

On-campus Clinic Services and Nurses In-home
Our nurses can help monitor your condition to put you at ease, help you work a new medicine into your care regimen, provide a treatment follow-up per your physician – and other hands-on skills within the scope of our practice.

Personal Care, Companionship and Homemaker Services
Just the boost you need to help you stay on top of your daily tasks and keep you in the best of spirits. Services cover a wide range of tasks, from helping you at rising and at bedtime, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands and more. We’ll also be happy to provide a little conversation!

Sometimes you need a lift to the doctor’s office, the airport, church, the grocery store or wherever. No need to be stuck at home! Otterbein Wellness Services keeps you mobile. Call and arrange for a safe and polite driver.

Non-billable Routine Services for Residents
For those residing on-campus in Otterbein’s independent living homes and apartments, your leases include wellness amenities, such as a monthly wellness check, emergency nurse visits and much more.

For the specific services and prices in your area, find the Otterbein Lifestyle Community nearest you. Cridersville, Lebanon, North Shore, Portage Valley, St. Marys.