James Dunham

Jim’s earliest memories are from the parsonage adjacent to the Methodist church in Englewood, Ohio. He grew up actively involved in the churches his father served throughout Ohio and met his wife at the church in Middletown. Jim joined the Ohio Air National Guard to pay his way through college, later committing to active duty fulfilling a service to our country. After leaving the Air Force, Jim continued his career in the high-tech industry as a consultant and implementer of computer systems and networks. He has served in a variety of roles in distinguished organizations including the United States Air Force, Booz Allen & Hamilton and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. More recently, Jim managed divisions of global software companies developing enterprise solutions for a variety of industries.

On a personal note, Jim and his wife have two children that are the focus of their lives and recently became grandparents, opening a new chapter. Exploring many of the National parks and the Holy Lands with his parents instilled a love of travel and Jim and his wife have worked to pass this desire on to their children. Jim spends his free time traveling, scuba diving, cycling and hiking, and most recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

“Fulfilling the vision of Otterbein compels me to serve; being part of something with such pure intent with such impact to so many is truly a blessing. Growing up the son of a Methodist pastor I observed the importance and impact of service to the congregation and the community. One area of service that my father was most passionate about was his commitment to Otterbein and the importance of its mission to seniors. Over the years he would share and discuss ideas, issues, and the great things happening at Otterbein. His service as the Chairman of the Board, the friendships that were forged and the admiration he held for the Organization were intoxicating. One of the greatest gifts my father bestowed upon me was his love of Otterbein.”