Ring the doorbell. A resident answers the door, and welcomes you into their great room. Sit with them by the hearth. Help bake cookies in the kitchen. Hear about their busy day.

A thoughtful balance of amenities makes a small house a home.

Residential kitchen. Home cooked food. A table that seats 12. Everyone is welcome to help in the kitchen. Each week, you and your fellow residents and rehab guests select your upcoming meals. Favorite dishes are often made from family recipes. Two elder assistants join the communal table at every meal.

Choice and privacy. No institutional schedules, meals or routines means you can rise and retire when you want. Breakfast and lunch are flexible. You can raid the fridge when you need a snack. Take part in the activities you enjoy, and return to your own private suite to recharge.

Personalization and customization. Bring your own comfy chair into the great room. Decorate the hearth with personal treasures. Pick the paint colors for your suite. Choose your hobbies. Set personal goals with your therapist. Spa, fitness and salon times are up to you.

Flat screen cable TV. WiFi access. Recreational programming. Don’t miss any of your favorite televised programs or sports events. Stay digitally connected with your family and friends. Enjoy the many group activities.

Elder assistants. Higher staffing ratios. Decreased bureaucracy. A high nurse-to-patient ratio, specially trained nursing assistants and self-directed work teams ensure outstanding care. A pleasant environment benefits everyone!

Den/Therapy room. Salon/Spa. Separate laundry service.  Visit with your family in the den. Take advantage of a whirlpool, or get your barbering and hair care done. You don’t need to write your name on every article of clothing! Your laundry is done separately and returned to your suite.

Short distances. A ceiling lift track. Individual locked medicine cabinets. Suites are designed to get you easily up and about. The discreet overhead lifts make personal care simpler. And it’s a few short steps to the great room to socialize. Nurses minister to your needs from your secure personal med supplies.

Neighborhood surroundings. Green lawns. Outdoor fenced patio with garden. You live right down the sidewalk from other families. Your house fits right in, looking every inch the home that it is. No need for elevators. Just step out to the patio when you need fresh air!

Fully certified. Otterbein Skilled Nursing & Rehab Neighborhoods are licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Health, Medicare and Medicaid. They provide the same standard of care as traditional hospital-like nursing homes. It’s the hearth and heart that makes them different.