We’re happy to show you virtually what it’s like to reside at Otterbein Portage Valley. But we know you’d rather visit yourself, take a tour, talk to residents and get a feel of our lovely campus.


Bruce and Joan Hankins chose independent living at Otterbein “too early,” according to skeptical friends. But instead of being forced into a retirement community by illness or injury, they gave their kids the best possible gift: a burden-free life filled with enjoyment.

As Bruce tells it:

My wife and I started exploring retirement villages some 10 years ago. We’ve always believed in taking action before it’s really needed. We’re both still healthy at 67 years of age.

We chose Otterbein Portage Valley because of its aesthetics, amenities, friendly residents, and especially our back yard! We have a lot of fun watching the deer, wild turkeys, songbirds and other wildlife from our sunroom overlooking the woods.

The experience of living here has more than validated our choice; activities are many, our neighbors are friendly, and the food is amazingly delicious. After 47 years of living in large homes, it’s delightful to have a very capable, willing staff to do all gardening, cleaning, household repair, etc. that we don’t care to do. All done swiftly and efficiently.

Transportation is an important feature of Otterbein Portage Valley and often overlooked. Transport is there, when and where you need it. That includes pickup runs to Detroit Metro and/or Cleveland Hopkins airports! We’ve been driven to the airport several times!

We continue to recommend Otterbein Portage Valley to the self-same friends who thought we were nuts and way premature when we first came. Some are seeing the light. All are being forced into a move by health, age, property maintenance and other problems. We are so happy that we made the move when we did.

The skilled nursing and rehabilitation part of the campus is a gem. The staff is fantastic, the rooms are bright and cheerful and the food is very good. I speak as a qualified observer as I just spent three weeks there following knee surgery. Being able to rehab right here on campus was so convenient for my wife and me.

We’ve seen far too many friends delay downsizing. By doing it early, we gave our kids the best possible gift. Ask yourself: When is the best time to explore your options leisurely, when you can set the pace, or after one spouse has fallen, broken a hip, or worse and you’re suddenly in a crisis situation?

Two quotes come to mind and that have a bearing on choosing a retirement community.  Satchel Paige said, “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you!”

My Dad said, “You may be able to fool Mother Nature for a while, but you’ll never outrun Father Time!”

We admit that, yes indeed, after a lifetime of acquiring things, it’s different and difficult  to get into de-acquisition mode, but simplifying makes retirement so much more enjoyable.

We feel that Otterbein Portage Valley is the real deal, folks. And handily the best bargain in our area. Why not check it out, see for yourself?