Individuals with cognitive loss can literally come alive when they have the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs. 

What is Music & Memory?

The Music & Memory program offers the means to create a personalized playlist of favorite songs for any individual who may benefit.  The individual and loved ones choose the songs, the songs are downloaded onto an iPod Shuffle, and the music is delivered via headphones to each individual.  Personalized music is shown to help a wide range of people, including those who are socially isolated, have limited access to activities, or live with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive loss.

Benefits to participants:

-Those who don't talk much are more verbal
-Those who've been physically inactive move around more
-Those who have been depressed are happier
-Personalized music offers an enjoyable, fulfilling activity for persons who are immobile or receiving ongoing treatment
-Individuals are more engaged with those around them

Benefits to loved ones and care partners:

-Ability to connect in a more meaningful way with elders
-Can offer a way to give pleasure to people with advanced dementia - often the most difficult to reach
-Individuals are more cooperative, attentive and willing to accept care; their brighter moods boost care partner morale and supports person-centered care
-Sundowning (confusion and restlessness) is often reduced or eliminated
-Personalized music provides a valuable tool in the effort to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic medications

How you can help:

-Deliver or mail gently used iPod Shuffles to your nearest Otterbein location.
-Donate iTunes gift cards in any denomination (songs cost about $1/each), deliver or mail to an Otterbein location near you. 
-Give a donation ~ a gift of $100 will cover the cost of providing an iPod, earphones, and 40 songs for one individual, $200 for 2, $300 for 3, etc.!  Anything you can give will help!
-Contact A Gift Planner for more information on ways to donate or volunteer
-Spread the word ~ share how those with dementia can become alive inside by using Music & Memory