Otterbein’s quality is continuously measured and focused on improvement.

Internally, we analyze the Otterbein experience in search of opportunity to improve. To make sure we don’t miss anything, we also commission outside expertise. Our ongoing process for quality improvement includes resident and family surveys, EAGLE Accreditation from the United Methodist health and human service ministries, and Visits and Surveys from the Ohio Department of Health Certification.

CMS ranks nursing homes nationwide on a 5-star system. Otterbein has six 5-star locations and a rating of 4.4 stars across all locations.

EAGLE Accreditation Commission

Our ongoing process for quality improvement includes EAGLE Accreditation from the United Methodist health and human service ministries. All Otterbein locations are EAGLE accredited. There are only 17 senior care organizations in the country that achieved EAGLE status in recognition of their excellence. In addition Otterbein won both EAGLE “Best Practices” quality awards. 

The United Methodist Association promotes, inspires, empowers and recognizes excellence in healing and caring ministries. The EAGLE Accreditation Commission is designed for faith-based, health and wholeness organizations to enhance the quality of services provided. It utilizes voluntary self-assessment and peer review processes based upon principles and goals to promote excellence in Christian ministry.

HomeCare Elite

Otterbein Home Health was named to the 2016 HomeCare Elite list, a national rating of the top 25% home health agencies in the country. The list was based on data compiled by National Research Corporation, and announced in conjunction with DecisionHealth.

Ohio Department of Health

In the Ohio Department of Health bi-annual resident satisfaction survey, Otterbein locations averaged just under 91%, or in the top 30% of all nursing homes nationwide.

A critical metric when comparing quality of care in a nursing home is hospital re-admission rates (re-admission within 30 days of discharge). Otterbein rates are spectacular and have improved annually.