We’re happy to show you virtually what it’s like to reside at Otterbein Lebanon. But we know you’d rather visit yourself, take a tour, talk to residents and get a feel of our lovely campus.


By Laraine Shape, The Cincinnati Real Estate Lady

If someone were to ask me to describe Otterbein Lebanon, I’d say it was like a Magic Kingdom for seniors.

I’m not kidding! A recent tour of the gorgeous 1,200-acre campus told me all that I needed to know. It’s the friendliest and nicest retirement community I’ve ever seen, hands down. From the grand Welcome Center (Marble Hall, which even looks like the Magic Kingdom castle!) to the activity-filled campus center, it’s a place anyone would like to live, young or old.

If you’re considering Otterbein Lebanon for yourself or a loved one, here’s my take on it, for what it’s worth.

The minute you drive up, you’re going to like what you see. The beautifully maintained and landscaped grounds consist of 1,200 lush country acres conveniently located in historic Lebanon between Cincinnati and Dayton.

When you walk into the grand welcome center, you’ll be greeted by friendly, helpful staff who welcome you, answer your questions and generally make you feel like part of the family. The marketing and sales department is a good example. Their team gave me the grand tour and happily filled me in on all the good stuff Otterbein has to offer. You’d be hard pressed to find nicer, more caring or compassionate people.

There’s a spirit about the place. A feel-good atmosphere that makes you want to come back again and again.

Everything you could possibly ever need or want is right there, on campus.

There is so much to do at Otterbein, it’s almost hard to choose. It could keep a person busy 365 days a year.

Everywhere you go, people are smiling, residents and staff.

The housing is sensational and affordable. There are choices for everyone and every budget including apartments, cottages, duplexes and single-family ranch homes — and nearly all have garages.

Need to store your R/V? No problem. Otterbein has facilities for it.

Need a ride to the dining room? No problem. Just push your intercom button.

Want to plant a garden? No problem. Garden plots are available.

Have household items you’d like to sell? No problem. Garage sales are held every Thursday in the Shaker Cellar.

And the list goes on.

As a realtor, I’m often asked for recommendations about places to live. Otterbein Lebanon gets two thumbs up! I love the place and would recommend it to anyone.



By Barbara Mandell, Resident 

As I sit and look out my window I see green space, bright flowers in my garden, trees that spread shade, a robin that  lands on my window ledge to tell me it's summer at Otterbein.

It's not just the beautiful landscape that encompasses everywhere I look. I find at Otterbein in my quiet, peaceful neighborhood of lower Apple Court, I am so thankful I chose Otterbein to live out the rest of my life.   To me, Otterbein is a special place with special, friendly people.  People of all different backgrounds, yet are bound by a common goal to love and share by the will of God's grace....To lend a helping hand to someone; to volunteer in the interesting and varied activities; to educate ourselves to the many class offerings; to meet and greet at the many socials and to have fun on the trips planned throughout the year.  These are just a few of the many amenities I enjoy in addition to the many other personal services my Otterbein offers for my care and well being.

Yes.  I am fortunate to live at Otterbein, a special community of senior living.  

One thing I have learned living at Otterbein is the word "Yes".  .......Yes.  I can choose my many amenities.  Yes.  I can enjoy the varied menus offered daily.  Yes.  I can make new friends.  Yes.  I can worship.  Yes.  I can volunteer or to help others.  Yes.  I can be entertained. Yes.  I can be motivated and  inspired.  Yes.  All of these things and more are for me...... and I hope for you! Who knows!  Maybe you'lll see me out and about on our golf course, at table tennis, working out in our great exercise room or swimming pool. You might even find me in the Creative Arts Center, Loom Room, Woodworking area or Train Gallery.  Yipes!  So much fun.  So much to do! 

See y'all around our Campus everyone!!!

Now.....I am going back to reading of my books offered to me in my wonderful  Otterbein Library.  Or, I just might write a short story for my Scribblers' class or write a poem for my poetry class.  Oh my gosh.  There I go again.....so much to do at my Otterbein!