Hospice Care Services
When a loved one is experiencing the end of life’s journey, it becomes the family’s journey too.

Otterbein Hospice provides professional, personalized and holistic medical care to ensure physical and spiritual comfort to your loved one. Hospice care is not just for the elder who is in the last few days of their journey. 

This is achieved by relieving symptoms or stressors from the illness, decreasing or eliminating pain, and having the team work closely with the physician.  The family's journey is also part of our ministry.  We help families cope with the natural grief and distress of the coming loss.  As you can see, this process can take more than a few days.  Otterbein Hospice wants to be there for you, during the journey whether you are the patient or the family.

Unsure if you or your loved one is eligible for Otterbein Hospice?  

Contact us directly at 513-696-8540.  We will answer all of your questions and one of our nurses can even perform an assessment if needed.