My Hospice Journey, By Rev. David Hilton

My move from the first Otterbein hospice chaplain to the first Otterbein home hospice patient was a big surprise.  Shock  and disbelief followed the doctor's report that I had a progressive pulmonary disease and was eligible for hospice care.

My many years as a hospice advocate and chaplain had not prepared me for this dramatic announcement.  As a pastor and volunteer I have written and spoken about what the dying have taught me about living.  Now I have a new perspective.

I am very grateful for our Otterbein leadership whose vision made Otterbein hospice possible.  I also thank the generous benefactors who gifts have provided the foundation for this ministry.  Hospice care provides comfort and support as I approach death.  I am now at home with my wife, Mary Lois.  My former hospice team members are offering excellent medical, emotional, spiritual and personal care.  A team of trained volunteers is available to provide companionship for me and respite for Mary Lois.  I know that hospice support will continue after my death.  My family will have bereavement support for at least 13 months.  Memorial service, support groups, grief recovery resources and other related programs will be offered by the caring team at Otterbein Hospice. ~Thank You