pastel watercolor painting by Nancy Retallick, hospice patient


Many years ago Robert Frost wrote, “The best way out is through.”  These profound words have stood the test of time and have strengthened the resolve of many thousands of people to be patient with themselves, and to stay the course that leads to true growth and healing.  So often we feel compelled from within ourselves or others to “get over it” and to “get on with it” regarding our grief recovery.

Bereavement support for caregivers and family members is a key part of hospice care. Bereavement is not an illness, and therefore, it does not require treatment.  However, having friends and family who have good listening ears can help us tremendously on our journey.

We want to feel more normal again, and others can be concerned by the pace of our healing.  The work of grief recovery (bereavement work) is best thought of as a journey, and the length and intensity of that journey are highly individualized and personal.  There is no right way to mourn.  Each person is entitled to feel his/her feelings and walk at a pace that is helpful.  On this web site you will find a link to materials that we hope will encourage you to stay the course of your recovery from your loss.

Your story of your loss needs to be shared and appreciated.  Grief support groups are a tremendous resource that promotes healing as well.  We offer them periodically, and we can serve as a resource to refer you to other groups in our area.

We will stay close and help you to look for opportunities to express your loss and to heal.

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