Fun Activities to do with the Grandchildren this Fall


The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting cooler, the air is getting crisp and the leaves will soon change colors- it must be the start of fall! It's a magical season to celebrate with your grandchildren, outdoors or in.

1.Head to a local pumpkin patch. Have everyone pick a pumpkin and have a carving party. If your grandchildren are too young to carve a pumpkin have them paint one.
2. Hold onto the pumpkin seeds and toast them in the oven.
3. Gather hay and some old clothes and build your own scarecrow.
4. Go to a local apple orchard that offers apple picking. Find the ripest and make your own apple pie.
5. Have a movie night and make popcorn. If you have apples left over from your trip to the apple orchard use them to make caramel apples.
6. Trace your hands on construction paper, cut out and decorate a turkey for thanksgiving.
7. Make a holiday centerpiece together.
8. Collect and paint pinecones for decorations around the house.
9. Go on a walk and collect fresh leaves along the way. Use a large book to press them for art projects.
10. Collect items from around the house, make up a list and create a scavenger hunt inside or out.
11. Attend a local fall fair or festival.
12. Find out your grandchild’s favorite treat and make it together. Your grandchild will learn valuable skills and you’ll have a delicious treat to share.
13. Stay inside and work a jigsaw puzzle.
14. Play card games, such as Go Fish or Hearts.
15. Attend a football game- professional, college, or check out the local high school team.